Please complete all sections of the order to ensure faster and more accurate service. While we will always strive to meet your estimated completion time, please understand that we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date unless prior arrangements have been made. The estimated delivery date will give us an idea of your time constraints. However, we generally operate on a first in, first out basis, so estimated completion time will have no bearing on the order in which the assignment is completed.

A further word on turn around time - The total turn around time (from order to delivery) is largely dependent on four items:

1) Accuracy and completeness of the order

2) Accessibility to the property

3) Complexity of the property

4) Number of orders pending

To ensure the shortest possible turn around time, please provide as much information as possible about the subject property. Also, please make the property owner aware that we must inspect both the interior and exterior of the property and that the more flexible the property owner is with scheduling, the sooner the appraisal can be completed.